Hello! My name is Lauren Brimley and I am so glad you are here. For as long as I can remember I have always loved reading. Some of my fondest memories were of when my mother would read to me every night, and the excitement we shared in finding out what would happen next in the story. I loved the bond that reading together made and I knew I wanted to make reading a big part of my future family's life some day. 

I married a man who's love for reading matches my own. Our ideal date night is to eat a delicious meal and follow it up with a trip to the bookstore where we can purchase a new book to add to our collection. Our passion for reading has extended to our children and it delights us to see them entertaining themselves by flipping through their own books. We are of the opinion that you can never spoil your children with too many books!

I have always been one to feel things passionately. If I love something, I LOVE it and I want to share that love with everyone. Throughout my life I have gone through waves of loving things, from the Backstreet Boys to The Hunger Games, and Gilmore Girls to Hamilton. I never wanted to love these things quietly, I wanted to wear that love on my sleeve, and shout it from the rooftops. Through the internet I have made many friends who think similarly and share a love for these fandoms. It was wonderful to realize, "It's not just me! Other people love these things as much as me!" My hope is that when you wear a shirt from Bookshelf Tees, you will make connections with likeminded individuals. That when they see your shirt and say, "Hey! I LOVE that book!" it will be the meet-cute to a great friendship.